Please help identify hitchhikers

Hello all,

I must admit I am like a small kid when I discover all the new life in my tank. I'm starting to see all sorts of things. Thanks to everyones help identifying the Aiptasia I was able to kill most of those little free loaders. I have a peppermint shrimp to take care of the rest.

I do want to find out what some of this life is so I have included a few pics. Please forgive for the quality bu my wife lost her digital camera so these are from my phone.

Here is what appears to be a blue starfish.

Here is one of about 5 worms.

Here is what I'm not sure about. It has what looks like 2 clear arms that come out and search for food then retract back into the shell thing.


I have discovered 6 so far.

Oh, and I have 2 small crabs and 2 snails that have appear out of no where.

So any help with the above pictured creature would be greatly appreciated.
The first is an astern star which are normal although some eat sps and other coral. It's optional but I remove them. The second doesn't look like much but it looks like a birstleworm which are good for your clean up. Is it link or purple with little white spines and bristles? If so then bristle worm. As for the thin clear tubes I don't know what those are but they are everywhere and they are reef safe so don't worry. Good luck with everything