Reefing newb
i have started a 55 gallon tank project. Built my own stand, canopy, run the plumbing and working on sump and then refuge. I was given live sand from a person that was getting out of the hobby. I received 100 lbs. of dead rock that came from the ocean in the bahamas. ( I work at a port so all kinds of things come by). Now the tank has cycled and the only thing is phosphate 2.0 ppm.
I am afraid that it is coming from the rocks. I have added more water to the sump to dilute it and it is still 2.0 ppm. has not moved. The tank has been cycled for more then 3 weeks. I am starting to get coraline growing on the rocks. Will the phosphate stop leaking from the rock or do I need to get rid of it?

Thanks for all info.
I had a phosphate prob and I used phosphate sponge from the LPS you put it in a mesh bag and tie it shut and then I put it under the flow going into my sump and by the next day it was normal..
The phosphate is more likely coming from the used sand. Get yourself some Granulated Ferrous Oxide( I think thats what it is Granulate Ferrous something or other) that is the most efficient phos removal media.
Rather then running phos removal just throw some macro algae in your fuge. Not only will it take your phosphates away, but will also reduce your nitrates.
Another thing you might try is Phosphate-E from Brightwell Aquatics.Since your phosphates are so high.
But then again,you could have a faulty test kit thats giving a false reading.,
anytime I get a weird test read, I wait a while and re-test and then, take a sample to the LFS. I don't panic. Phosphate remover is a great idea, but if your tank has no fish, there could be an inherent problem with the system (rocks, sand, something). SInce there is no livestock, I would relax a bit and wait it out to see what happens

Where is your water coming from?
Phosphate can be caused by not using high purity water from a RO/DI system or prepacked water from you LFS.
The only thing I have in the tank is blue leg hermits and 1 turbo snail. I have seen small star fish and copepods. i have also been putting live sand and live rock booster in the tank.
The phosphate kits we use,only read inorganic phosphates.Fish produce the organic form.So our kits usually dont pick those up.
From what I understand.
The water is coming from the lfs. It is filtered seawater. I have a 20 gallon that I have had no problems with.
Did a test still 2.0ppm. Hooked a bag of phosban to the overflow will test in a few days to see where I am at. Thanks for all replys
There aren't very many good phosphate test kits, so just assume you have them and manage the tank like you have them. A Two Little Fishes phosphate reactor is like $30, some GFO from is cheap as well, this should help with the problem. Change it out every month and you should be fine.
I tested the phosphates last night and they are still 2.0ppm. I tested in another aquarium and it had .05ppm so I think the test is right. I just need to find out what is causing it to get rid of it.