PBTA Feeding help


Reefing newb
I have just been given 3 PBTA and am wondering what and also how I feed them. I have put some Reef Roid in the tank and they look healthy but ....... I am assuming that they need more than just light and roids to survive.
I fed them a bit of shrimp and they all devoured it. How often should I give them some raw fish and what is preferred by Anemones.:sfish:
Actually if you have the proper lighting to keep a nem, you shouldnt need to feed it. Many people theorize that some anemone deaths in captivity are due to people over feed and feeding improper foods to their nems, which I would believe.

It is best to feed them small foods (like chopped up mysids or other small bits) and not very frequently.

If you think about it, in the wild they are only going to catch the smallest critters drifting through the ocean, and then they will otherwise collect the detritus left from other fish and animals feeding.
I Feed mine small Misis and Choped squid 2 to 3 times a week, just a small squirt from the baister when I feed the fish, and it has tripled since I got it.
+1 little_fish--- I never feed mine on purpose but they will catch some food floating by at times. They have thrived for years under proper lighting and water conditions. There are times when food supplementation may be necessary like when it is bleached and you are nursing it back to health. If you do feed smaller is better.
A three month old tank is really young for anemones. Best of luck!