Ordered my 120 All-Glass aquarium


Reefing newb
Today I ordered my 120 gallon All-Glass aquarium with dual mega flows. I will take pictures as I get it and set it up. :helm2:
I think someones was getting jealous of a certain 150 gallon setup.hehe
Are going to move stuff from your other setup or start with all new critters.
I have a Trigger, puffer, naso tang and a sweet lips to put in it. They are in two seperate smaller tanks right now, so I will have to do a little research first to make sure they are all compatible. They will all eventually out grow a 55 but it will take some time with their current size. Then it gives me an excuse to buy a bigger tank again... :)
well you can put all in the same tank but you will need to watch them initially to make sure all is well. I see you like the bigger fish. do they have names. not really complete without names. in my last system all the fish had names. for example our red flame hawk was named rodney. waiting for pics of new tank.
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No names yet, but they will soon, im sure. The tank is at my new office. I keep forgeting the camera. Im also going to put a web cam on it and take suggestions from the users on what to add. It will be the Living Reefs reef tank. :)
boy this will be fun. just like having another system but dont have to do the maintenance. great idea. drop me a note and let me know if you received the response in chat monday nite.
Pictures finally! I found the camera and the cord then brought them from work and home... shesh... here they are... :bounce:



well pics at last. looking good. this will be a fun project. really enough space to get into some serious stuff. congrats again.
Very nice! I love those black overflows. So much better looking than the clear acrylic.

Looking forward to seeing your progress.

very nice have fun with your new toy.great possiblities with that size tank.A small Ray just kidding there would be no fish left.