Orchid Dottyback

Just picked one up tonight, kids picked it out. Real bright color fish, was very social at the LFS. Read on line they like to hide:frustrat::frustrat: I am filling my tank with "Chicken fish"
If I ever see it again I will try and post a picture:sniffles:
LOL....yeah, that sucks when you get all hiders :) I have 3 chromis who are swimming around a lot, and now my goby is out and about a lot....too bad the goby's white on white sand! hard to see him. Can't wait to see your pics!
Me too, I had 6 to start down to 2 one only comes out once a week to eat.

Here is the Orchid Dottyback this one was tank bread
Also picked up Homer Jr. since Senior is MIA for the last 3 months
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Get a trio of anthias.When other fish see open water swimmers out in the open,it makes them feel safe enough to come out.