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Here is my new open brain coral. I bought it out of town and drove about ten hours with it in its bag of water the fish store put it in. It has been in the tank now for about 30 hours. I drip acclimated it for about an hour and put it on a rock low in the tank. Then I read that it should be on the sand instead so that's where it is now. I was up observing it at night expecting to see it extend its feeding tentacles. I don't see any extending at all yet. Does this take a few days for it to do as it becomes more comfortable in its new tank? I do have some war coral that I believe is a species of brain coral and it took a few days before I noticed its tentacles, in fact I didn't know what they were till I read about them after I saw them one night.


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Did the fish store use oxigen in the bag or just closed it. Seems like i long time for it to be in a bag if they did not use oxigen
No they did not use oxygen. It seems to be ok I just was wondering why the feeding tentacles have not come out. I have been reading other forum entries about them and a few people have said the brains they have are rarely seen with the tentacles out while some say they see theirs out a lot. I guess I just wait and see.
Yeah, just wait. Sometimes it can take a couple weeks at worst, but I think it looks good for the time being. In a few days, maybe offer it a small piece of mysis and see if that helps.
Mine only puts out it's feeders at night and only sometimes. Feeding the tank some Rod's Food seems to help the feeding response, I assume because of all of the tiny food bits in Rod's. Or perhaps it likes something particular to that food. Who knows?
My green welso never extends feeders and its ben fine., my red welso doean not extend feeders ither butif you put sheimp or misis on it, it does take it.and wat it, my small lobo extends tenichels but only at night.
I put a small piece of thawed fish food that is comprised of shrimp, scallops and garlic among other stuff in the middle of the coral to see what would happen. Nothing happened for a little while, then I saw it start to open up and pull the food in and in about ten minutes it was gone. It was amazing to see. The next morning you could see a bump in the middle where the food had been pulled in. I still have not seen any tentacles that have extended but it sure does eat the food I just put in it.:^::^
My brain has never extended it's feeder tentacles. And it's developed a fully formed second mouth. So, no worries.
You are way ahead of me with open brains.
The only time I tried to add one to my tank, the flesh completely peeled off the skeleton by the next day.