Ok what in the heck just happened?


I like to do bad things.
I just did my first 5 gal water change on my 55 and had a big ball of grape culpera. I did the change then went to my bedroom to look a my 30, I was gone for maybe 5 min I go back to the dinning room and bam my water was all yellow and the culpera turned white. What in the heck happened? I took the rock the macro was on and tore it off and threw it away. Has anyone had this happen to them?
I heard they go a sexual and turn the water green, but this stuff looks like it died within a couple of minutes. Before it was kinda stiff and didnt move much in the current now it was waving everywere and looked white.
Wait sorry I got confused. I just woke up and my wife just left to the hospital because she was having pains and I'm waiting for a call. Anyway I did the water change to the 30 and put a half gal of old water in the 55 from the 30 because I wanted to bring the saltl evel up and this happened(I did the change to the 55 last night). Could it be from chemical warfare in my 30? I have no idea.
It could be Bobby.I really dont know.Keep us posted either way though.
And as a side note,Dont try to mess around with your tanks while your wifes having labor pains,lol.
i wonder if that is what happened. i dont trust any tank water in my tanks. even my own from another tank. just feel like im better safe than sorry you know what i mean?
xenia, zoas, PSP shrooms, rics, cloves, and anything else that might do chemical war fare.

Yote she went to the hospital and called and said it will be a while so I wasnt in a big rush.BTW he's here 9LBS 2 OZ and a huge set of family jewels.
I must have a different kind if thats grape miine looks like small green grapes on a vine. I had two plants in the tank and the big one turned white the little one fine still. Thanks for the link though.
Bobby , I have the same type that you have...Ive had some go and its somewhat the same instead my cups turned white and became more like a sharp edge leaf that came to points instead of being rounded(hard to explain)..Mine looked midevil compared to the link..Good luck