Newbie to the Saltwater world!!!

There isn't really a similar light to the Kessil. There are definitely other LED options available, but if I had it to do over again, I would get another Kessil. They are great.
You don't need the A360 unless you have a controller. It is basically the same as the A350 except it is able to be controller via an Apex, Reefkeeper, or any other sort of controller.
Hi everyone! Recently I acquired an LED light from a friend who was upgrading. Fluval full spectrum marine led. I know many of you suggested the kessil and I'm definitely going to get one in the future, but someone giving me a free LED isn't bad.. right?

J is "cleaning out her tank" so to speak and had a LR with some star polyp attached. The polyp is doing pretty well, if I do say so myself. It's beautiful, actually the way it moves in the water. :) J also gave me 2 frags that are Leathers. They're purple/red looking. I'm not sure exactly what they're called. I also have some other growth on the LR. I have 3 really weird looking mushroom things that my friend at the LFS says could be Yuma Corals.

My clown fish seem to be doing good. I had to do a water change because my nitrates were really high and my LFS friend said that should help. I'm going to check my levels again tomorrow and make sure they're on track.

The clowns are doing weird shaking dances.. well the orange one is doing them for the black one. I'm assuming the orange is the male and the black is the female because she's bigger. But I was reading into clowns and they say that's a good sign.

Anyway, that's what has been going on. Thanks guys! :)
welcome mermaidKaty,a lot of good advice given.It sounds like you're on your on your way.Keep it slow and steady and have lots of fun in the hobby.
Still can't get my nitrate levels down. It was suggested I add prime and a pH balance liquid. I go back friday to check.
I've started feeding every other day because i was over feeding.. my sand was getting gross.

I still need live rock but money is kind of tight right now. I did get some more sand though.

With the nitrates, just the colored test strips were used so i'm not sure what the EXACT levels are. I really need a kit, but again, money is tight.

Everything seems to be getting better though since I've done a water change and have started every other day feeding.

Have a good day all!!