new reefer tank pics

oh yea reefer. nice start. this will be fun, enough room to get into good trouble and to have a lot of fun. nice system. very nice starter setup.
the africans are the most colorful of the freshwater if you choose the right ones as compared to salt, but, once bitten by salt its a no brainer. i use to breed africans back in 1978 to 85. imported direct from the lakes in africa through baileys in san diego. in those days a 1 1/4" fish brought 20 dollars. now just salt. go salt 100% and you will be much happier. there is a real nice 210 all glass mega flow out that is just dynamite for a reef or fish only or combo. check it out.
Sorry for thre late reply been out of food not my babies..I am addicted to reepkeeping now I think I am going to make a deal to my bro for the I can still visit them(kepp a watchful eye) Then it will be time to work a deal with the wife(convence)(bribe)for 80 to 100 gallon and move the content of my 29 over slowly.I started with two 12 gallons one at work and one at home.Then both went into this 29 gallon.
I was just kidding, I have also found that your local fish store will usually buy fish back and find them a new home. I had a copperbanded butterfly fish once to controll aptasia and she got a little hungery from time to time and would nail my other corals. The fish store bought her for what I paid for her the year before because of the size.
I guess we are geting of topic,but the fish are actually babies from past generation so I wiil give up tank and fish to someone I no just to keep an eye on them
Oh thats cool, a little fish breeding. I have not done that except with some mollies which the parents all ate. I will give it a shot some other time.