New Neighbor in town


Reefing newb
Hi everyone, I am a new member. I choose this site over many others for allot of reasons. I have had my 65 gallon saltwater tank for about three years and spent allot of money and very little success up to this May. Finally after retiring from the Marine Corps and allot of reading I learned the hard way. You must have patients with your tank, and follow

So with all that said, I have started all over. I broke my tank down and started from scratch. Its been up and running for a few months now and it is doing very well. I have changed allot of things that I was doing wrong before and it seems to be paying off. So now I am just learning and refining my skills and enjoying it with out the big dent in my wallet like it was before. I plan in the future to go allot bigger something in the 220-265 gallon range. My wife wants a wine bar in our new house when we can sell this one and relocate. She thinks a big tank in the back ground would be sweet. Of course Im all over that until she gets the bill for it. Look forward to meeting people and reading more about members tank builds in the show case your tank page.