New Naso not eating yet.


Reefing newb
I picked up a small Naso tang last night as my first member in my 180 gallon. It's about 2"-3" big. I see it swimming around and does everything a normal fish does... except eat. I have seen him peck at the rocks a little but with this being a new tank, there isn't a whole lot of algae on the rocks yet although they are a little brown. I have a clip with green seaweed on it and if it does go near it, he isn't interested in it at all, hasn't even pecked at it that I have seen. I got some IO herbivore pellets that have seaweed in it and it'll just let the stuff sink by him. It's only been in there for a little over 24 hours, should I give it more time? I have seen some say they may not eat for several days in a new environment, I'm just a little nervous about it dying.
if you have any macro algae (chateau) in your sump they love it. Got my 2 new nasso to eat that first them they moved onto seaweed and frozen foods. Just put it in the tank and they love to chase it around. good luck
+1, but remember it's stressful for fish to be moved to a new home. It may take a few days, or it may not. You can also try soaking frozen food in garlic.
The other thing that works well is putting seaweed onto a rock, it is more natural for them to pick it off rocks that to eat of the glass on a seaweed clip. Worth a try.
If you've only had him for a day, he could have been shipped into where ever you got him from recently. What you have to realize is that if he just came in from a transhipper, he was in a bag for anywhere from 18-30 hours. To say that is stressing is an understatement. Give him some time and like Lesley said, put the seaweed on the rocks.