New Naso/Lipstick Tang - Wont Eat


Reefing newb
First of all, i'm not asking for help on what my parliaments are and tank size :)

The Story
I purchased my new juvenile lipstick tang 6 days ago, the first 3 days she/he was eating fine.
Then she stopped eating.
I've done everything i can now, the fishshop i've gone to for 5 years and i trust have tried to help to get her to feed. Tests a fine, everything is fine, the other fish are fine. We ordered in a new range of seaweed to try and get it to eat.
Unfortunately they were delayed today, and i can't get any to the tang.

She's very slow now, almost dopey, and she's very clingy to my juvenile saflin tang, and swims with him.

She will every now and then pick off rocks, but other then that she will get very stressed even if we get close to the tang, or her tank mate isn't in eyes sight.

What i want to know! - I'm a brief person, i expect this post to get to the point, rather then asking questions my LFS has already asked and other shops, with all due respect i don't like to repeat myself!
Has anyone encountered this problem? What have you fed yours? Any suggestions on what i can try to feed the tang? Thanks :sfish:
How can you expect us to know what's wrong without asking questions. That's how we help give you answers.

It would help if you told us your water parameters, tank size, tank mates, size of your new tang, how you acclimated, etc...

Without knowing that stuff, I would say its stressed for some reason or has some disease, most likely parasitic since there's no indication of it being fungal.

If you're willing to answer my questions, there's tons of people on here that can pinpoint your issue; we don't know what your LFS asked and what your answers were, so as soon as we get that info, we can help more.
+1 Kyle

Best suggestion I have for a stressed fish is to keep lights out for a few days to give everyone a chance to settle in. But yes, knowing things like tank size, other fish, how you acclimated, etc. would be very helpful to us so that we don't point you in bogus directions.