New Luminaire & UV Filter


Reefing newb
Well I've hammered the credit card again and bought some new lights for the tank, below are a couple of pictures and a question!



Setting it up was a bit tricky as my tank rim was too thick for the standard frame adapter so I had to by the large frame adapter from arcadia, even after getting that I had to do some DIY on it to make it fit the tank - It contains the following lamps;

2 x Actinic Blue T5 (12 hour photo period)
2 x 14,000K T5 (10 hour photo period)

I have a quick query the moonlighting effect looks great however when both sets of lights are on it does look a tad too (blue) should I be running both types of lamps simulatenously throughout the day, or should the blue Actinic be turned off when the 14,000k's kick in?


Next up is the UV filter a 25 Watt Vecton - nothing too exciting about it but it certainly has reduced some algae growth


As usual all constructive comments welcomed :)
You should run both Actinic and 14,000k's for maximum light output,and stagger the on off times for dusk to dawn effect.The run the moon lights at night.Well at least this is my regiment.Actinic's 2 hours before the 14,000K
1.5 hours after them.If you think the there is too much blue through,on the next bulb replacement or funds available you can replaces the actinics with 50/50 bulbs.This makes me wonder since you just got this setup maybe the vendor will change the 1 or both bulbs to 50/50's
I have always run both all day, but that doesn't make me right. I think the reason you use both is because some of the different wave langs the bulbs create. The antinic lights represent the lower depths of the ocean, some corals need this light for growth. Anyways my :twocents:

P.S. The tank is really looking good!
Thanks for ur comments :)

So I'm guessing I need to buy some seperate moonlight lights then to run during the night? - are they the small LED kits that I've seen on eBay for sale?!