Wanted: more lighting!


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Okay, so I need some advice. I asked locally, but can't really understand the terminology. My go to folks aren't really able to come to my house anytime soon so I'll ask here.

Originally my tank, 90 gallon 48x24x18, was set up to be a FOWLR. When I started it, all it had for lighting was 1 48" stunner strip. 64 x 445nm Royal Blue & 32 x 12K White LED's. Worked okay. Its set about 10" above the water. To this I added 1 12" stunner. 24 x 453nm Blue LEDs. Later I added another 12" strip with 16 x 445nm Royal Blue & 8 x Magenta. That was my lighting. Looked cool but was a bit dark.

When I decided to start leaning towards adding corals, I added a Coralife 48" 2 bulb t5 unit with 1 10,000k 28 watt and 1 28 watt Actinic bluelight. This unit sits on the tank rim.

On advice from friends, and to make my corals thrive not just survive, I would like to add another fixture to the tank. With what I already have, what would the masses suggest? My hood is LARGE and wooden so only certain type of mounts are possible. Actually it would either have to be another unit like the Coralife 58023 or something that mounts to the top of the hood. The hood splits in the middle to open so mounting them up front would be very difficult. As always, cost needs to be kept to a minimum. I don't have even $250 to spend and I would rather stay away from MH for my own reasons.

If I can find another Coralife unit like I have, what bulbs would you suggest? (I might have a line on one of these. They have been replaced by another type now.) 6,700k, 10,000k, Actinic, a mixture of the above? I'M LOST!:frustrat:
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Which ones? Blue/white, solid white, white/magenta, blue/magenta, 8,000k, 12,000k? I have a splitter and I think the transformer can handle more. What ya think?
I would keep an eye out for local used fixtures. Get them cheap. Then all you would have to worry about is replacing the bulbs prolly.

6x T5's should be something you should shoot for a reef.

I have 6 T5's over my 50g right now and I plan on keeping them when I upgrade to my 75g.