Half Actinic and half Daylight or just Actinic?

Steer away from these, unless you are strapped for cash.

Look more for something like this.
Catalina Aquarium

Now those look like high quality parts.

I am not strapped for cash when it comes to buying tank stuff. These are not too much more than the other thing anyway.

Not only that I can sell my lights I have now for maybe $750 since they are $1200 new of course if someone even buys them or maybe less if I have to. My bulbs are new as well.

I will have to think this move over especially since right now I am content with my corals. My bubble coral is starting to hog up 1/4 of the bottom from area. It is growing like a weed all of a sudden especially since I took off the eggcrate tops.

The Candy Canes are so plump they look like they want to burst and my Frog Spawn is like 2 softballs. My smaller bubble bubble coral isn't showing much growth and neither are the Ricordea and Brains.

Mushrooms are growing fast and my Frags are on the move. I can see a new head growing already from my green and red(don't know name) frag.

Can anyone ID it for me. Link to pix is on page 1 I think. It is tiny and probably not gonna be easy I will post a pic later tonight. It is located to the right of the brain under the foxface.

I also do not know the Green Brain thing on that link either.
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