New Icecap pumps comming out in Feb 2006


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New Icecap Vortech pumps comming out in Feb 2006

this is a very interesting concept that might be of interest...first of all its like a powerhead without the motor being in the tank, so that means less heat :) ...rumor has it that it will be of fair price and a controller is in the making for them which can control up to 10 devices and a can be set up to use a battery backup incase of powerfailure of up to 24/36 hours. :^:

heres a vid for your viewing pleasure: Icecap
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Looks dangerous lol, with that thing spiining freely like that???? also isnt that a bit to much water movement lol. My fish would be swimming in place
that was used for test/promotional purposes..actually they are variable speed pumps...full open they do like 3000gpm. looks like they are trying to give tunze a little competition..

more info
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So 1 side is inside the glass and the other is directly outside? At least thats what thoe picturees lead me on to think. Sounds like a good idea tho as long as you can turn them down lol.