New Arrivals - Question


Broke Reefer!
I had a brittlestar and coral arrive late today from LA - they normally arrive early in the day but weren't here yet when I came home for them at lunch (so I couldn't get them back to my office today to put in my 90g). Can I leave them bagged until tomorrow when I go back to my office and acclimate them then, or should I acclimate them and place them in my 10g at home and then move them to my 90 tomorrow? Thanks!
Well, it end up not mattering. Brittlestar arrived w/ a leg and a half ripped off, and the bag that the coral was in leaked and there wasn't enough water to cover the coral. I dumped the coral right in to my 10g w/ no acclimation because I didn't know what else do - no water to acclimate it from. The inverts that are going in my 10g and brittle star are acclimating now. I've documented everything w/ pics and will call LA shortly. Not a happy customer :(
Called LA, all they did was note it on my account. I had hoped for a slightly better response - like we're sorry and we'll send you something as a replacement. I guess that was too much to hope for. I'll do what I can for the coral, but I have no idea what if anything to do for the brittle star. Does anyone have suggestions?
Wont the ripped off leg turn into another brittle star? What type of coral was it? I would have thought they would have done more for you also. You don't know how long the coral was out of water. That's rediculous.
The star should be fine. It's pretty normal for them to lose legs during shipping as they are so delicate. If the broken leg has part of the oral disc attached, it can turn into a new star.
No, it didn't have part of the disc still attached - one leg completely broke off (and it looks like the star is still shedding the stub - so about a third of the oral disk is brown and looks like its rotting - and part of another leg ripped off. I removed the legs from the bag and didn't acclimate them because I didn't want to raise the ammonia in the acclimation tub. The coral looks better than I would have expected, but I really have no way to know how much tissue it lost or what it will look like once lights come on. It was/is a meat coral.
So the brittle star looks like it lost all but one of its remaining legs overnight. I found one and the tip of another but can't find the rest of the parts to remove. Do I need to worry about this causing a cycle in my tank? The oral disk and a remaining attached leg are still moving around so I'm going to leave it for now, but I don't expect it to make it. So bummed about this :(
So do you have a buying history with this company? If all they can say is that's too bad? I would send them a copy of the post I was going to put on the living Reefs site and ask them how they would like me to finish the post saying how they turned their back on a valued customer or made it right by them due to the shipping problem. :twocents:
I do have a buying history with them, and they are the most reputable dealer around. They have a live arrival guarantee and their policy is to refund your money if the animal dies within 14 days of arrival. I (and I know many others) have had good experiences with them in the past. They did note it on account, so if (or more likely when) I call and tell them the starfish died they will basically either refund the money or I can use that amount towards a future purchase (though would need to pay shipping).

I think the coral might be okay, but am really sad about the brittlestar. It's jsut really disappointing. And I am very worried about it causing my tank to cycle (this is my tiny 10g tank that its currently in - I didn't move it to my 90 this morning given its failing condition - I figured if it has any chance at survival, moving it again will likely do it in). Will my tank be okay with those broken off starfish legs in it that I couldn't find? They probably got buried in the sand :( All I have for a clean up crew are a handful of nassarius snails - will they handle starfish legs?
Just keep an eye on it. If it's still moving like you said it'd still alive and shouldn't cause a cycle.
The legs could theoretically cause a cycle but they're already in there/lost so there's not much you can do now. :-(

Sorry this happened!
Sadly it died. Finally found the rest of it in the far back corner under a rock. Snails were eating what remained of the oral disc. I'm keeping an eye on my parameters. No ammonia, but I need to watch nitrates. Temp got high again today and my corals aren't happy, especially the meat coral that was out of water 'cause the shipping bag broke. I had hopes that it would recover from that, but today it looked pretty damaged and is losing tissue. I've got to call LA tomorrow with an update. :(
sorry to hear it died bro I have a large green brittle star if you want it? we can call it a reason to finally meet up lol
Haha, thanks but no on the green brittle star of death! But we will definitely need to find an excuse to meet up at some point!

This brittle star was so pretty - bright red and yellow banded. I'm going to call today and ask them to send me another one. Hopefully that one will ship better and FedEx won't be late this time.

Good news is that my meat coral is looking much better this morning after the temp in the tank dropped back to normal. I finally moved it to my 90g today, so it should do well in there. Pics eventually!
Glad to hear your meat coral made, those are prettyful! Too bad about the starfish though. Hopefully liveaquaria sets everything right!
Ok sir anytime you want to plan something out just let me know I'll be in Boston in September mid month so if you want to plan something then just let me know. also if you want me to keep my eyes out for any thing just let me know.
Ok sir anytime you want to plan something out just let me know I'll be in Boston in September mid month so if you want to plan something then just let me know. also if you want me to keep my eyes out for any thing just let me know.

Oh yeah? We definitely need to plan a meet up then! And btw, I'm a miss ;)