new 56 gallon column reef tank

I think I have the same tank, I was wondering what lights you are using for your reef. I'm having trouble finding a light cause the tank is so deep I was told that I need a metal halide but theres a plastic strip dividing the middle of my tank so that probably woundnt work unless I could find 2 small ones. Just wondering what you light set up is and is your tank 30" long?

yes mine is also 30 inches wide, it's the marineland 56 column tank. I actually have 4 T5's and all my corals have done great. I have a few sps at the top, a bunch of lps and a bunch of zoos. I have yet to lose any coral except a leather coral (emerald crabs kept clawing and walking on it and I took it out and it smelled really bad). There are several manufacturers that make 30" T5 light fixtures, the one I went with is this:

AquaSun T5-HO Double Light Linear Fluorescent Hoods

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.