New 30 gallon long Tank!!!


Reefing newb
Hey guys, finally i got good news and it is that i finally put in my first 2 fish and my first CUC.
I got a 30 gallon long tank with a 20 gallon sump/refugium. The Light i have for the tank is a odyssea metal halide penant( 250 watts mh and 2X36 watt acinics and 2X2 LEDS). I got my a aqua something protein skimmer and 2 korelia 750 gph powerheads. Right now my paramateres are 8.0 ph 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate.


Sump/ Refugium!!

Protein skimmer doing a decent job:) :bounce::^:
Now i have a question here i have caulerpa and wanted to know how to make sure it doesnt get into my display tank?? What else should i put in this refugium?

MY little diy lol. Hey it has 600 gph like this lol.

SHould i put this in my display tank or refugium? If so what should go in there?? Carbon?
looks good! You dont need the mechanical filter at all, but keep it on hand incase you need to run some carbon with it if you have an emergency. Also you have everything you need in your fuge! Most people have a divider between the fuge and return pump and that keeps things from going up to the DT.
Thanks little! Happy that everything is good and I do have a divider between refuge and return pump. Soz for not having a clearer pic I'll try to do better next time
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good looking tank, i love your rockscaping. very nicely shaped rocks and i doubt anyone else could have stacked them neater. well done!
Ty buddy :)
I finally got a coral!!! No wi got one problem and it is that its a mushroom but just stays shriveled up its been like that for 2 days
thanks for the quick reply, and yes i started him in the bottom under some nice shade is that ok there is very low flow there so i thought he would be good there. If you want i can take a pic so you can see it?
thanks for the quick reply, and yes i started him in the bottom under some nice shade is that ok there is very low flow there so i thought he would be good there. If you want i can take a pic so you can see it
WELL i woke up today to see that i had an algea boom and went to lfs to buy 4 more red hermits to eat the algea. Seems there doing good. Mushroom still hasnet opened.... ill give it time:) Also i raised my ligths about 1 foot from the tank seemed that they overheated my tank.
tank is off to a great start and I think it was a great idea raising the light.. thats alot of light, the mushroom will open.. like you and little_fish said just going to take time.. :D
well went to the lfs after a week off having my 2 ocellaris and finally got my "Dor" or blue tang(Yes i know my tank is gonna be to small when they get big so i talked to the owner and he said once the tang out grows my tank i can just bring it back and get a smaller one.) I also got a colony polp frag. My mushroom is finally opening up once i moved it more into shade and with a bit more flow. ohh ya i also got a emerald crab to elp the snails with the hair algea. I hope the crab will be the only thing eating hair algea of the rocks and the snails on the glass.
Please take that tang back, your tank is too small for any tang, baby or not. Especially the "Dori" tangs, they need tanks that are at least 6 ft long. My tank is the same length as yours, so i understand the desperate desire to own one, but it would be cruel to that fish to keep it locked up in a tiny tank. Its not fair to that fish and could very well likely result in their death long before you think its grown too big.
ohh thanks for the info little:) I was told by the lfs that the small tang was ok for my 3 ft tank... But w.e ill just take it back and see if i get another reef compatible fish
I know your pain dude, i would LOVE a yellow tang, but i just cant bring myself to coop one up my little tank.

But what about a 6 line? They are a really cool wrasse and will do great in your size tank
ohh nice example!!!!! I think those fish are really nice. Im definitely going to the lfs and trading in my tang fro a 6 line.