Need Copepods

I know this is an ad, please research maintaining copepod for a mandarin. Search for tank bred / tank raised. This will save you alot of money and protect these beautiful creatures.
You have a sump setup Janderson? Id suggest getting some chaeto and a light in your sump to keep them alive and multiplying.

My mandarin is going on 4 months old and i havent added copepods since when i bought him and i added 4-5 bags to basically create a spawning area for them.
Anybody have Copepods they want to get rid of or sell? Trying to build up for a mandarin. Thanks


I also would like to buy large qty of copepods for my large 200+ gal RR tank .. I have many nems, fish and corals.
Where to buy locally in Atlanta, GA area or online? What is a good price for 1000+?