Need alittle Help maybe HALIMEDA?


We can build it
Hey I been seeing this plant grow slowly for the past 6 to 7 months in my tank and I think its Halimeda which is good but... this thing has sprouted a leaf a day and after reading all the articles they say that Halimeda is to grow very slowly. In just a day it sprouted two new leafs and they are huge I don't know how it is growing so fast. All my parameters are in order and I cant figure out what it is. Should I be worried? Also I may add that I have too clean my glass everyday all the sudden, because of algae I think not sure what it is. Attached are two pictures of what I am taking about and circled is that two new leafs that sprouted over night.


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The thing i would worry about is it sucking up all of your calcium. As long as you dont have a bunch of SPS corals and clams, that shouldnt be a huge deal.
+1 Hannah. Some people like halimeda in their tank. It's not a nuisance unless it impacts your calcium levels. If you are worried about it, it's easy to remove.