Nanos Back! please read.


Reefing newb
Hey guys! i know its been a while since i posted, buy red turf has won the battle in my 37 gallon reef:frustrat::frustrat::frustrat:. so i got a new tank. its a rimless 24 gallon nanocube, with the back wall removed, a corner overflow which drains into a 10 gallon sump. so far for lighting i have 4 12.5 inch ecoxotic led strips, 3 white blue, and 1 all blue. i will need more lighting for sps etc. so i want to keep my coral in the 37, so im going to try to do some careful fragging and be sure not to transfer the red turf into the nanocube. im going to completely cure the rock in the 37 and add it into the nanocube. so im asking for some help on ideas of how to make the transfer, taking in mind i would like to keep my fish and coral but cure the rock again. Thanks much in advance -nano!
Hello and welcome...err back. I didnt know you before but look forward to knowing you now. I had a few pieces of LR that had bubble algae on them. When I moved them from my old tank to the new tank I took a nylon brush to them. Guess what I looked and those rocks had it again. So now those to rocks are on a table in the back yard sun bleaching. A real shame because one of them was just so point is I think that is the only way to be sure of getting rid of a unwanted algae.