My Tutorial on How I use Photoshop


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You all are always accusing me of doctoring my photo's, and it's simply not true. So I am going to take you through how I make a pic look a bit better than when first photographed. It's simple and painless.

First here is the original pic taken straight from my camera:


First I use the image>adjustment>auto levels.

It actually takes out the blue hint of this picture and brings it to it's true color. The camera captures alot more blue then actually seen with the naked eye. This is how it actually looks in the tank.


Second thing done is I will make the image a bit more clear. Let me ask you a question. When you see coral in your tank, does it have dull edges or is it sharp? Duh, it's sharp.

Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask Amount: 163% Radius: 3.9 Threshold: 0

The amounts of each value will vary depending on the pic. This is what it looks like after this:


Next I will crop the pic add a border and a signature and it's done. Never was the integrity of the priginal pic altered for color or any other means that would make it "Photoshopped." Professional photographers have showed me these techniques and said they are perfectly legit.


So leave me alone about the PS crap! LOL!
pretty cool David , now if I could just get a copy of that program!!

We all know you don't actually alter your pics david, it's just an easy constant way to pick on you!! We do it because we care.
By the way thanks for the tips.
WOW i just found this and about to cry... not only does a good friend tease me with corals... he then post a thread on how to make them look even better.

I hate zoos and david you just keep teasing me with the few I would really like to have.

Do I need to beg?