DIY 10 gallon Sump :)


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Hey guys i did a 10 gallon sump for my 20 gallon tank i took pics for anyone that might been looking for how to so i tried my best for you guys.

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^ here is some things i had to get to do it some stuff you may not need but here are some stuff for example.

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^10 gallon tank DUH! lol

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^DO A LAYOUT! Helps when putting your baffles in. All i used to do this is ruler and its a crayon pencil you can get at like Lowes or Home Depot

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^ i used glass cut outs. Go to Lowes! Home depot does not carry glass anymore at least here they don't went to Lowes they have glass and also cut it for you so go there with messurements.

^ insert first baffle. All depends really on your skimmer. Well at least for mine it did. Make sure to use 100% percent silicone. I got mine from Home Depot and it was actually made for aquariums. Found it in paint section lol.

^insert second baffle. Also takes 24 hours for it to cure. If you wait couple hours you can move on to the next one and so on. This was 8 inches tall i made two of them.

^ insert 3rd baffle this was also 8 inches tall and i put them like 3/4 apart and it was an inch high i believe.

^insert 3rd one and this made it couple inches high from the return pump and make sure have some space in there also for it.

^ after the baffles sit for 24 hours and the silicone has cured test each section one by one and see if there are any leaks. If so dry it out and make sure its dry and add more silcone to it and do it again. I usually added more to the corners and bottoms just because feel like be main place for a leak.

^after all done start connecting your PVC pipes. I used PVC cement to connect them all and also added the skimmer. Test it out make sure there are no leaks. OHHH use ball valves between piping i had one on each side for return and overflow. So then you can adjust the pressure from return and overflow.

^ this is what looks like when finished

Hope you enjoyed and helps who ever that is looking. I do not take full credit for this couple friends on here helped me out so big thanks to them!!
Have any question please ask and ill try to help as much as possible.


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Im sorry guys they did not all go through so i added the pics it goes right in order for you sorry :( dumb thing lol
Oh another thing I used to hold the baffles up was dab of super glue on top corners and held it was dry or strong then added silicone
Looks good! Mine is basically the same except I switch the bubble trap around. My bubble trap is right after the intake and I made my return a little larger to account for evaporation.
Thanks for all the info i will be working on mine this weekend. I got a few questions to ask since i am doing a 10 gallon sump also.
1. what size pipe did you use?
2. do you need special cement to bind the pipe together or just regular pvc glue?
3. I seen two basic desghns out of a10 gallon sump some are just like yours where u have 3 chambers 1 for intake and skimmer, middle for refuge, and last for the return pump.....However some people put the return in the middle and the refuge on one side and the skimmer on the other.?
Any thoughts?

Doesnt really matter for baffles I think I did mine to catch microbubbles..and used regular pvc cement because has to be good seem we drink out of some pvc pipes lol..and return was 3/4 but depends on the size of ur return or if u go from smaller pipe to say inch thick. But mine was 3/4