new here, dont have any reefs, but i do have a fish question


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Hey all. I'm new here (as the title says ...). I'm not sure this is the right place for me or not. I just heard about this forum a couple days ago. But I have a question, and figure you guys can answer.

I just set up a new tank a couple weeks ago and have a single fish, a blue damsel, in it. It's not a reef tank and probably won't get to that point any time soon. Anyway, I've been keeping a sharp eye on my fish and I noticed something today. It looks like an injury of some sort on his right side. I don't know, though, and wanted to get some input. I'm attaching a picture so you can see it. It can't be from another fish (though perhaps the ghosts of fishes past could have done it), so I don't know if it might have been him running into some rock or what. Any input is appreciated

I just uploaded the pic to imgur. you can see the white about halfway down his body near the top.

imgur: the simple image sharer
I see what you're talking about. It looks to me like it's a scrape or a scratch. Diseases usually present themselves as spots or sores. Fish can get injuries like that from the rocks. It should heal pretty quickly if it's a wound from the rocks. Welcome to the site. :)
Hard to tell in the pic but if its white...could be ick...
Thanks for responding. I was thinking it looked like an injury too, but i can't imagine how he got it. It's not like he's particularly wild or anything. In any case, I hope he'll heal on up. He's my first fish and I don't want him to croak (his name is Mr. Huffypants, btw)

Thanks again!
Did you cycle tank before adding the damsel fish? It could be an issue resulting from ammonia burn
yeah i cycled. The ammonia was only slightly high the day i added him, but was fine the next day. I haven't checked in a few days ... will probably go to the fish store tomorrow to do that. i'll have to google ammonia burn to find out more.

thanks again
Fish can bump into things during the night. They can be clumsy just like us. Especially if the fish is startled -- it will dart into the rocks.
I think Biff has it.
Looks like your damsel has scratched himself on something. Could be from the rock. Could also be from the net at the LFS or the employee chasing him around with the net trying to catch him.
Yeah, I just wannted to update. I was out of town this weekend, but looking just now, the whatever it was seems to have healed up a good bit. There are small signs that it is still there, but fish looks good, and it's much less noticeable than it was before.

Thanks for the tip!!

Now I just need to find out why my water so cloudy. Seems I've got some sponge growing in it.