My tank


Reefing newb
This a pic of my tank at 4 days old. The shrimp is hidding behind the rock but you can just see his tenticals.

Will take some up datted pics when i finish nights:)
Cool! Shrimp are shy but when they figure out you will feed them they will come out at feeding time. I use a turkey baster to feed all my Fish & Shrimp, when everyone sees the turkey baster they come running out. I use the baster so I can slowly feed frozen food and not have alot of waste.

One note Toothie, I wouldn't add any other live creatures to the tank for several weeks, it needs to cycle. Keep an eye on amonia, nitrites and nitrates. Use a simple test strip kit and if amonia & nitrites get to high do water changes.

yeah the shrimp is a lot less shy now and spends most of his time hanging off the plants.

Dont intend to put anthing in for a while just trying to get used to water changes and improve my knowdge on looking after the fish.

Have test kit and all chemicals are within normal limtis and i do regular water changes to keep it that way.

Thanks for advice
finally able to see pics. looks like you are on your way. do you intend to put an anenome in for the clowns? nice open arangement. good theme.
Will need a bigger tank for an anenome but plan to get a bigger tank soon ish and i will then. Thinking of getting a tube worm though , any suggestions
Anenomes are real tough to keep, you need MH lighting, strong current and 0 nitrates. I would think twice on this move till the tank is 6 months to a year old and you have the proper equipment, IMHO. The tube worm is a filter feeder and you should do fine with it as long as you get the proper food for it.

My .02$
Following some futher research i have discovered the difficulties of keeping an anemone and have decided against it.

Did get my tube wrom though. Its head is brown and white. The shop i go to was good enough to advice on the food.
very small pieces of shrimp, squid, clam, etc. but use only marine food and only fresh if you can. if you must freeze do not use freezer burned or anything that has been frozen for over about 8 months. thaw out and bring up to tank temp before feeding and do not over feed. what kind of tube worm are we dealing with. give me the name and ill try and give you some more info on the specific animal you have. good luck sounds great.
am feeding the fanworm marine snow which is a liquid plankton for filter feeders. i vary the diet for the fish useing a mixture of live brine shrimp, frozen krill, octupus, artima and brine shrimp, and flakes.

Not sure on teh spelling for some of those:)