My tank

So its been a while since I got on and ive got a couple of updates.

about 2-3 weeks ago I got a
orange spotted goby
zoonanthid (sp)
and a candy cane coral

and right now im pissed. I just found my goby dead. it was half eaten and dead. I saw him yesterday and he was doing fine. The corals are doing fine but that just made me mad.
Hey guys. Sorry I havnt been on in a while. Ive got school and work and I dont get on the computer that much.

The tank is doing great and ill take pics tomorrow. Since my roommate moved out 3 weeks after we moved in (which was like 5 weeks ago) Ive been thinking on what to do with the extra room. Im thinking im going to make it into an office and ask for a tank for my birthday.

So ill post up if anything happens and ill put pics up soon.
so i just took a quick picture before I have to leave for work


My roommate :
Also I have a question on the candy cane. If I put it on a rock will it go on the rock better or in the sand?

Its got 4 heads right not but I was wondering if I put it on a rock will it spread out better?
The rock will help hold it up,and it'll eventually grow to the rock.
But I think its more of personal choice.Which ever place you like the best.
Like I promised... Pics
Also I will be moving my candy cane in a matter of minutes to the rock.
New Coral:

Couple of shots of the inhabitants:
Royal Gramma (has gotten huge since I got him)


And finally my roommate taking a nap in MY FAVORITE CHAIR: