My Sealing! AH!


Reefing newb
My GF just a few minutes ago dropped on me; "Hey hunny, I think your tank has a crack in it". Needless to say, my response was less the settling...

Well, it wasn't quite a crack, but rather would looks like a 'bubble' in the lower right corner of my sealing/silicone. I'm not sure I've noticed this or not, but should I be worried? I can't seem to get a good picture either, camera isn't too good.

EDIT: waitwaitwaitwait. I just looked at a picture from when I got the tank.... And it's there. Still don't know if this is a good thing. Lemme post pic. It's in the lower right hand corner!
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It could just be a bubble in the silicone.I've seen that happen.
But I'd watch it close for a few days just to make sure.
Just an air bubble in the silicone it looks like (if I'm seeing the right spot).
The clear silicone shows those bubbles pretty good.I'd say your tanks alright.
Wait a second. That's not a reef tank!

I agree with the others, it looks like a small bubble in the silicone.