My New Pic Journal...


Reefing newb
So I picked up some new things and here are the pics... I think the pink coral is a colt, but I am not sure... I am picking up a Xenia today and it comes with a free 3" maxima... I don't have the lighting for it, so I might be offering it to someone on here... I still am shopping for my lights, but haven't decided yet... Also returned my Sebea clown and traded it for another Saddle, now they are hosting my plate coral... I inherited a free powder blue so might be trying to trade him for something, I know they are difficult fish to keep and my tank is way too small for him, even though he is only 3" right now... Let me know what you guys think about the new stuff... I will post pics of the xenia and maxima clam tonight...








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Got it looking great Ct.

Hvae you thought about starting you a thread in the showcase forum?
That way all your pics are in the same place,and we can all watch your tank progress.
Just a thought.
If you are talking about the white top left one, then it is a toadstool... If you are talking about the far left below it, it is a brain...
I alrready created the post... Thanks though Biff... I think I might just go ahead and get the halide setup from aquatraders... Do you think this is the best deal... It will give me over 8 watts per gallon, but I am worried about the heat... Do you think I can get away with just fans...
My halides put my tank up to 86 degrees. I added two $6 clip on fans from Walmart, and now my tank stays between 76 and 78 at all times. I don't use a heater or a chiller.