My New Elegance Coral


Go Big Or Go Home !
So heres a short clip of my New Elegance coral, I just picked it up yesterday, hopefully it does good and makes it in my tank. Also in the video you will see my 2nd attempt at a Atlantic Blue Tang, As some of you know I had to get rid of the last one because he became extremely evil and he was bigger than my other fish so he had to go, this time I add this guy along with a new sailfin tang, This new guy is a bit smaller than my yellow tang but still bigger than my new sailfin so he is picking on the sailfin. Im hoping this will stop soon. He does not mess with my yellow tang at all and my yellow tang seems to be good with all new fish, he defends him self and shows hes the boss for the first day but then always comes down.

Well heres the little vid.

That's a beautiful blue tang he looks like he loves the camera a lot hahahaha, the elegance coral is very nice too, good pick up.
I do not feed mine. I tried too, but they are slow and my cleaner shrimp will pull it out. Last time I fed it purposely was 6 months ago. When I fed it, I would stay closed for a few days.
Here is my not fed elegance coral. It is still morning and will double in size by mid day. The reason I don't feed is the thought on nems. If they get food when I feed my tank, it's a little closer to nature. Hand feeding everyday will make them poop their zoox. They cannot digest that amount of food. Mine had 9 mouths and per "reading" I would need to feed each one. That in itself is more bioload than all of my fish combined. There is more nutrients in a closed system than what you think, I highly doubt anyone of us is running hyponutrients.


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So far so good, iv feed it 2 times 1 time a week and it takes the missis, its more open now than it has ben before. So im pretty happy with it. Hope it makes it past the 1 month marker but as of right now everything is looking good. Finally got my Parameters closer to where I want them. Been bringing the Ca. and KH up slowly, Had my ca. at about 390 and now its at 430 and my kh was about 7.5 now its closer to 9, Im dosing B Ionic ca. and alkalinity until I get to where I want it. Looking to get ca. to 450 and KH to 9.5 or 10. Then ill be happy. But for now its ben going up slowly so I know if I stopped dosing and went back to my Soda Ash and Kalk I can keep it even.