My man cave


where's nemo?
So I'm moving into a new place in a few months and you know me being a young male want a man cave and my man cave to have a dank ass fish tank in it, only concern is that my next biggest hobby next to reefing is smoking good cigars like legit cigars not the kind you put funny plants in lol so basically I wanna ask, can I smoke my premium cigars in the same room as my fish tank or will the smoke in the air kill everything in my tank?
Inevitable some of the smoke (the particulates in it) will settle on top of the tank. I used to smoke in my house about 5 years ago when I was first starting in the hobby and I didn't notice any side effects. That being said I sat about 15 feet to 20 feet away from my aquarium and never sat directly in front or near it when I was(I was also green to the hobby =D). Probably doable if the tank has a lid or if its monitored. Probably not recommended either.
If you do it make sure you wash your hands before sticking them in the tank.

I would also make sure none of your buddies uses your tank for an ash tray:D