My Killer Green Brittle


Do Not Listen To Me!!!
Now before anyone cries about this video know this.

I thought my tank had been Rock Crab free since moving over 2 or so years ago. I had my 2 very large Montipora die after switching to Red Sea Pro Salt so I finally was removing the dead corals of the rock because they were getting some growth on them I did not want in the tank.

This crab fell out of the rock when it cracked so I decided to hold it in my sump where the Green Brittle Star is not really thinking it would attack it as soon as it hit the water. This is why you see the video start with the star already with the crab because I was not filming this to catch it being killed. I actually used my PH Probe to try to knock it loose but anyone can probably agree it was a waste to try. I wold have to kill that star to get the crab out and I am not killing it. It lives in there and keeps in clean. I do feed it scallop once in a while.

Ok so that is just for those who will cry over it now on with the video. If you watch closely you can see the crab moving inside the star. I was like whoa gross. It moved for a little while then stopped, then moved later and then stopped for good. Amazing how they fir stuff in themselves.

[ame=]Killer Green Brittle - YouTube[/ame]