my first coral is on its way home


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My wife picked it out with some help from the LFS. It is an anthelia(hope I spelled it right). Thing is, I have no idea what to do with it. How do I stick it in a spot? How do I choose a spot? I did some quick reading, and it sounds like this thing can take over, much like the GSP and Pulsing Xenia I'm getting for freebes next week. I have no idea where to put this, input?

Clove polyps are cool looking. They like low to moderate light and low to moderate flow, so if I were you I'd put them in the bottom 1/3 of your tank out of direct line of your powerheads.
Nah I don't wear gloves to place corals. I have elbow length gloves that I use for maintenance, but they're cumbersome and it's difficult to get a grip on something when I'm wearing them. You can handle them with your bare hands. The only thing is putting your hands in your water is bad because of any residues or oils you have on your hands.
Put it somewhere on the rocks. It will (hopefully) come already attached to a rock. You just need to wedge the rock somewhere that it will stay put.
Also, how do I handle this and future corals? do you all wear gloves or something else?

When you get some zoanthid(and we all know you will:D) It would be a good idea to at least wear some of the latex gloves just because of polytoxins.But with most corals,you dont have to worry about that.
On a side note,clown fish ain't dumb, they come swimming over as soon as I get close to the tank, and they'll even nip at my fingers hoping there is food in there. I've only had these guys a week and a half....