My first 180g video!


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alright guys i finally made a video of the tank..... like a worthwhile one that was shot with my video camera and not my digital camera. This is the first time i have messed with youtube so the video is a little more grainy than i want it to be and im not sure if i can correct this, but I hope you all enjoy! Oh yeah, Loionfish, I know youll be proud of the middle song!

(i know i linked it in my build thread too, but i wanted to whore it out)
Nice! Dude Jack is a monster! I knew he was big but that vid puts him into perspective!

wasamata Capt didnt dig the Killswitch Engage? haha.
Nice! Dude Jack is a monster! I knew he was big but that vid puts him into perspective!

No kidding huh! Especially when I throw my hand in there you see how massive he is, and how much of a glutton he is!
Thats a great vid Alexander.
Didnt get to hear the music though.The computer here at work dont have any speakers.:grumble:
That's too bad yote, but at least you got to see the video. Glad you checked it out. Woulda taken you 3 years to download at home I'm sure :)
What?No head banging music!

Jack really is super-sized compared to the other fish.
Reef you must not have watched the whole video! About 3minutes in it gets a little crazy about feeding time.
Yeah what's up reeffreak, you missed the rntire feeding! Vicious ripping of algea sheets and more!
My speakers dont work either. They just decided to stop all of a sudden. It is pluged into the wall,pluged into the computer thingie,turned on,i didnt blow them,youtube speker is up, I cant find the problem?
Hibye you are having some issue of some sort with your computer. I assure you this video has plenty of sound, and it is not quiet by any means. There is no way for the sound to just disappear.
i was actually getting very relaxed looking at your emperor till the 3 mark lol
shit that woke me up from my dream haha