MushroomXombies.. Deco contest

I think i've decided on the D3100. It has a lot of the d5000 features, but its on sale right now for only $50 more then the d3000..

Here are some updated tank shots. I got a few unknown zoa frags this weekend along with a Emerald Crab (who I still haven't seen) and a half dead favia frag that i got from a guy a few weeks ago, who had it under MH lighting. It seems to like the PC light. A lot more skeleton was showing when i fist got it, I can even see some green coming back.


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I have colonies of zoas like the orange and blue-streaked, and the green ones,in my big tank. they grow quickly.

looking great! The LPS I've added to my pico seems to vastly prefer these PCs to MHs also. interesting.
January update

Ive been slacking on adding Corals so the tank still looks empty. With only a little more than a month left, its time to start adding stuff.

I been doing weekly water changes, that might be more than needed but since thats the schedule on my main tank, its easy doing them at the same time.

Im getting Coraline popping up on the glass and rocks.Looking at my full tank shot you can see the 2 spots on the front glass that are out of focus. Has anyone found a good way to clean this Acrylic without scratching it?

These are some of the first shots with my new DSLR. Why did i wait so long to get one. Its awesome.


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