MushroomXombies.. Deco contest

It looks very good. I think you should really consider adding a few more mushrooms though. :rofl: :mrgreen:

I have about another 50 in a cooler and my refugium is full of them :grumble:, they multiple faster than i can get rid of them. Im just glad i finally got them under control in my main tank
Turns out my Marineland heater thats preset at 78 and rated for up to 3 gallons, keeps my tank at a steady 82 degrees. I wonder if leaving the lid off the tank will help?
Turns out my Marineland heater thats preset at 78 and rated for up to 3 gallons, keeps my tank at a steady 82 degrees. I wonder if leaving the lid off the tank will help?

It should help, wonder why it's keeping it too hot? It should know that the lid is on!

Love the shrooms!

Im still having trouble with my heater, I cant get the temp to stabilize. It seems to raise the temp a few degrees over the room temperature. Over the last week Ive seen it go as low as 78 to a high of 86.. Has anyone found one with an adjustable thermostat
yeah I hate mine as well I was looking on there for a new heater my self. I just thought it was funny someone on here was looking for the same thing i was...
I've got the littlest one they sell at Wal-Mart. I think it cost like 14.00. It is not the same brand they sell at Petco. My tank has no lid and sits next to a very, very cold window but it is staying very constant at the stupid pre-set 78 degrees. Maybe it's the brand?

Good luck!
Found this little pulsing Xenia while doing a daily check. It must have been on the rock when I moved it from my main tank. This is the 3rd time Ive found these guys popping up from out of nowhere. I guess my mother Coral is dropping hands, which I didnt know was possible.


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December update:

Nothing much has changed as Ive been trying to get my temp stable in the tank.I finally got it under control last week and now its time to start adding corals.


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Im going to finally pull the trigger on a DSLR so I can take better photos for the contest and just in general. I think im going with the Nikon D3000. I was looking at the D5000 as well but the D3000 seems like a good choice for a beginner and its cheaper. Anyone have a Nikon DSLR? Do you like it?
IMO the D5000 is worth the extra money. If you shop around, you can find the D5000 for less then $100 more then the D3000. I've been using Nikon SLR since before any DSLRs came out and I would recommend them. I currently have a D70 and D5000 SLR. The D5000 is only a couple months old, and I was deciding between the 3000 and 5000 as well and I'm really glad I went with the 5000.
I just got a package deal from costco for the D5000, it comes with an extra lens which im really glad it got. It also has some nice little DVD's that came with it to explain all the different features which i appreciated so much!

I would highly suggest the D5000
I bought the D5000 after looking at a few different Canons and Nikons. I like mine, but I think I could have saved some money and gone with a more simple version. The D5000 has about 500 features that I'm sure I will never know how to use!!
I love my D3000, which I also got on sale and with an extra lens and all that jazz. The 3000 has a lot of extra features that I haven't used in the almost-year I've owned it, so I don't think I need the 5000. Looking at pics of a d5000 online, it looks identical to my camera... so I'm guessing the differences are in pixel size or something? They look the same to me, haha