MP40 too much for a 75G?


Northern Reefer
so I have had my MP40 on the tank for awhile and I can't seem to get it in the right mode or speed to not blow my LPS around

mostly my hammer, forgspawn and Duncan...I only have it on 40% reef crest and it still seems too strong

I have an MP10 across from it that I only have on 40% as well, maybe only use the MP10 and maybe get another?

the are not closed but always to one side or the other, never looks like a full bloom
You can't dial them down that far, they will only do 20%

The mp40 was doing this without the 10, I put it in for oposing flow to see if it would help
The easiest I have found with my MP10's is to put it on Constant (blue) and dial it lower until you are comfortable with the flow. Then change it over to Reefcrest (yellow).
the constant is green, I believe blue is pulse...I have tried every mode of this MP40 and can't seem to not piss something off

the closest coral to it is a hammer with two heads, it is about a foot away and seems like it is getting hit pretty hard with flow...I only have the MP40 at 30% on reefcrest and the overflow return going