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Soooooo I bought a nice HOB fuge and skimmer. My tank needs moved out 3 more inches to let them fit. So I need to find out what the best way to move the tank would be. I'm trying to avoid fully draining it.
we had to use a hydrolic porta power moved our 400ltr tank great about 12inches without a drama or stress to tank or stand or floor.
We just painted the back of our running 38, which isn't much smaller than a 55. We just drained it half way and muscled it out a couple inches at a time. Made a good water change opportunity.
If you drain 1/2 the water you should be down to couple hundred lbs. Couple big strapping lads can walk that away from the wall easy.Baby Steps boys Baby Steps.
My husband and I moved our tank once to trade stands it was not fun lol. We took out all the rock and the majority of the water to do it. Damn thing still was about 400lbs ( i may be exaggerating a little) but him and I managed to move it. I was just a tiny thing at the time lol.

To move it with minimal effect I have no sweet clue lol maybe try moving the stand a few mm's at a time
Ouch having to move a tank just a few inches is a lot of work, I would agree. Depending on the size of the tank and the sand/rock load inside you will have a job on your hands-not to be a negative Nelllie here. As a general rule of thumb hobbyist have about one to two pounds of sand per gallon and at least that in live rock. Water weight is approximately 8.75 pounds per gallon (salt water). The tank depending on glass or plexiglass will have considerable weight. I am saying all of this as the more water you have inside the tank the more movement you will have that can create a leak as the waves hit the sides in the move; therefore remove as much water as is possible and if the tank is glass then there is a good possibility of cracking the glass bottom if rocks fall in the move as well.

Please take every precaution possible as a bit more work up front will be worth the move down the road.

Good luck.
just finished the move last night and did a quick cleanup. tank looking pretty nice.


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