moving fish to a bigger tank


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Ok so our new 30 gal tank is setup just need to get some test strips and make sure the levels are right. Once that is done how would i go about moving my live rock and clownfish from the old 10 gallon in the new tank. Should the rock go in first for awhile then the fish or does it matter? And how to get the fish from the old tank to the new one with minimal stress? thanks in advance for any answers.
Yea.. Put your live rock in the new tank and run a filter and power heads like you normally would for a couple weeks before you put fish in. Remember you are basically STARTING over so you have to let your new tank cycle.
If it has already cycled, I'd take the old rock out of the tank and place it in the new tank where you want it, then catch the fish with a net and move them over.
Ok so just netting the fish and putting it in the new tank is fine? I just didn't know if it would stress him out too much. We are also haveing an algea problem in our old tank that I believe was from using tap water when we originally set it up so should the lr from the old tank be cleaned off first I don't wanna transfer algea into my new tank
Is the old rock covered in algae? If so, I'd take a stiff brush and scrub it in the old saltwater (you don't want to do it in freshwater or it will kill good stuff on the rock too). Make sure the new tank's temp and pH are the same as the water in the old tank. You can acclimate the fish if you want, but if it were me, I'd transfer some of the old water over to the new tank with the fish.
Ok well i got him moved over to the bigger tank and he seems to be loving it, of course it is more room for him and alot more water flow and a cleaner tank since i made sure to do everything right this time. Still have to move the live rock from the old tank into the new one its just one small piece though. It is covered in algae from me using tap water in the old tank like i said in my previous post, the last thing i want is to transfer algea into my new tank, so will just scrubbing the algea off the rock with a stiff brush be enough to prevent it from taking hold in my new tank?
Thanks for the reply even though you had already answered that question lol I didn't realize i had already ask about that so sorry for the double post