More placement and acclimation questions!


Broke Reefer!
So excited about all the new frags I got this weekend, and I'm loving them all!! Half of the one's I got came from a local reefer who had them under LED lights. Since I have the AI Sol's, do I need to worry about light acclimating these corals as much in my tank as I would other corals that didn't come from LED lit tanks? And for those that came from MH or T5 lights, how many weeks should I keep them on the bottom of my tank with reduced % lighting before I can begin to increase my light intensity and move them to their permanent locations in the tank?

Also, I got 2 very nice acan frags, one that was under MH lights and one that was under LEDs. I have the one that was under MH lights in a slightly lower part of my tank than the other and it is totally puffed up, looks like its reaching for light. I have no idea if this means it likes its location or if it indeed is reaching for light? The other one is also puffy and open, but hasn't puffed up so much that it looks cylindrical - it just looks like normal acan pictures - the other one looks almost like an open trumpet coral in terms of how puffed out it is. How should they look if they are happy?

It doesn't matter what kind of lighting they came form, you don't know the light output of their lights, how high they were hung or what percentage their LEDs were at so you should always acclimate new corals.
I usually keep all new corals on the sandbed for a week, two weeks of they are sensitive and then place them where I want them.
Thanks guys! This is very helpful! I reduced my lights to about 30% and have them on or near the bottom of the tank, so will keep them there for at least a week and then secure them in their permanent spots, and then slowly start to increase my light intensity back to its normal setting!
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I always acclimate with water then light. I have also just put it right in and where I wanted with success but have since gotten wise and do not do that anymore.

If I move a coral that has been in the tank a while I can see it takes a week or so to see the effects.
Thanks everyone! Most of them seem to be doing well, but I'm still having trouble with flow and placement issues. I've lost probably 1/3 of my zoa polyps to literally just blowing off their colonies. I've reduced my flow down to a single powerhead pointed at the surface and my zoas and mushrooms on the opposite side bottom of my tank still look like they are hanging on for dear life. I think the arch structure in my tank must create a flow tunnel or something. Some of the colonies I glued are now completely gone. I found one lone polyp on the bottom of the tank yesterday and reglued it to a rock, and it has now opened, but I noticed that a few more had disappeared off their frags this morning. My favia frag isn't looking so hot either - I've had it on the bottom of the tank and thought it was doing okay but it seems lighter in color today and is browning on the edges. I'm going to dip it again and move it to a shadier spot. And my merletti blastos keep closing up; I think they might need more light than the place I put them, so am going to have to yank up the glued frag rock to move them too. I'm kind of frustrated with it all, but so it goes.... good news is that my monti actually looks like its gaining color back, so it might survive (which would be a shocker to me!)
I have zoas that grow on top on bottom, in little or a lot of flow. I think it is just somehow dependent on the actual colony as one grows here and one grows well there.

I did notice if given time they seem to adjust to the placement at least here. I only keep a small amount of them anyway like small 5-10 colonies and if they spread then so be it.

I have Orange Bam Bams that i never glued down till recently and they were always falling upside down and never expanded to more than 6 polyps. Now we will see how they do glued to the side of a rock shielded by high flow but not good light. I use a wave maker plus a few powerheads so there is no spot with minimal flow.