Metal Halide advice for a 75 gallon tank


Reefing newb
I have an established 75 gallon reef tank with an orbit florecent fixture on it. I would like to change to Metal Halides. I have been iching to get some hard corals. I was thinking about getting a 48" 2 X 250 watt sunpod. I have talked to two local pet stores about lighting and am getting different advice. One says that i cant go over 2 X 150 watt fixture because I will burn the corals. the other said that 250 watt bulbs are fine. Just to keep soft corals low. Please let me know. I have money burning a hole in my pocket waiting to buy.
I ran 2 175 MH's over my 75 for many years and they are fine for the depth of a 75. I had great success with SPS and clams with the 175's. 250's will work, but not necessary IMO for a 21" deep tank. You will have to light acclimate the corals in your tank now regardless of which wattage you decide to go with.
2 250s should be fine for your tank. Low light corals such as softies, zoas and mushrooms should be placed on the bottom and on the sides. Capt is right that all your other corals should slowly be acclimated to the new lights.
All of the articles there are awesome John has spent a lot of time putting them up, when Im waiting for action on the threads or just bored I read as many of them as I can very good information expecially for noobs like us.