Marineland Reef Capable LED


Reefing newb
Hello guys. Just wanted to post a short review on these fixtures. I have one over my 27 cube. three simple words... I LOVE IT! I have a hammerhead that was dying under my T5's in my 75, moved it to the 27, and it has already split into 2 heads after 3 weeks of being in the tank. Also had a monti in the 75 that was dying, moved it to the 27 and it has added about 1/4 inches all the way around. Not to mention I have no algae whatsoever except some red macro, and chaeto in the tank. Everyone that says you cant keep corals under these is obviously doing something else wrong. It isn't the lighting. I even bought a birdnest last week that is doing wonderfully.

My overall review. Great product, 5 stars!
Hey slm, I actually made a thread on this product showing some of my progress so far with it. I would love if you posted some pictures of your tanks progress in there also so we have more information to work with. I want to eventually see a lot of successful reef tanks in my thread that use this lighting. Thanks :)

Heck yeah I can do that bee, I'll try to find some pictures of it and post them.