Marine and Reef

Unfortunetly I haven't.

However if you can list the items your looking for I could check around for a vendor that sells them all that I can comment/recommend.

I have bought products from them before. If the price is right kind of thing. No problems at anytime. Just my experience with them. What are u trying to buy?

Thanks for offering to help. I ended up ordering from a few different places for a few reasons even though Marine and Reef seemed to be the only one that have everything I wanted.

I figured buying from a few different vendors would let me judge each of them for myself. It ended up being cheaper even with shipping to get some different things different places. For example, I ordered an AquaC Remora fomr ReefGeeks which was offering free shipping on that product. It was shipped a few hours after I ordered and I have tracking number that says I should get it Tuesday. We'll see how the other orders work out and I can report back.

Thanks for offering to help.


I ordered a lighting system and brackets from them
Quick shipping and good service

One bracket was broken I emailed them to let them know they shipped a new bracket free of charge