mantis shrimp!


Reefing newb
I figured out I had a tag along on some live rock, a pesky mantis shrimp. The loud clicking sound is not only annoying but I believe has taken the life of 2 of my smaller fish. Does anyone know how to catch the little bugger? Please help!
Try cutting the top off a coke bottle then turn it around and insert it back into the bottom part of the bottle. Use a couple drops of super glue to hold it in place.

Place a piece of shrimp in the chamber and place it in the tank at lights out.

the 2 most successful ways ive seen with them is. 1 take out that rock they live in. then get them out. 2. boil some water, use a turkey baster and blast the hot water into his rock. From what ive heard, and seen pix of, it works well also.
i agree, if your able to take the rock out that is wht i would do. but I would not use boiling water, if you use freshwater that will do the trick also and you wont kill the guy. alot of times you can take him to the LFS and they will give you credit for the guy or someone would take him off your hands. if its a peacock mantis. i would actually take him. I would pay for the shipping costs. let me know
i think i got one too cause i just noticed a week ago that it looks like two little rabbit ears just moving from side to side and peeking from one hole to another. i haven't been able to see the whole thing out but the only color on it is white. don't hear any clicking sound so far but anyways are they that bad of a pest?
yes a horrible pest and if you take the rock out depending on the size of it be careful...

I've seen videos of them killing large cray fish in one strike and many divers refer to them as thumb splitters. Why they pick up its rock and then their thumb is split open.

Just be careful.

Good luck. the trap is best way. always try not to disturb the system anymore than needed. hope it works. fresh squid works well for bait too.
I have also heard of (provided you know his hiding spot) to mix a very strong, paste solution of RO water - just a touch - and sea salt. Suck up about 5ml into a needleless syringe and shoot it into his hiding place. Be careful to make sure there are no other animals around. Good Luck.

-Dr Marco
i've heard of some people mistaken certain pistol shrimps with mantis shrimps cause pistol shrimps are known for making a loud snapping sound thats how they stunn there prey its so loud they concussion kills some small fish and inverts. Unless you have positively id the little snapper.
And the winner is D. French!! After trying everything listed I just pulled the piece out put it in a 5 gallon bucket over some crate and sprayed water on it. That didn't work, but I did figure out that I had alot of crabs running around. So on a whim I took the piece of rock and placed it on the floor for 5 minutes. Out came the shrimp and it wasn't a mantis, it was a pistol. Not very big either for the sound he can make! Now to figure out what to do with him!
Thanks everyone!
Hi there not to just jump in on you guys but I have been having the same random clicking noise myself some times one click and other times multi clicks I have been unable to see him have found a pencil size diam. Hole on side of my rock work in the sand area and something is in there but can't really ID problem I have is that my rock work is cemented together and dry weighs 90 lbs each have 3 of these structures 180g what do I do bottle trap I have tryed and caught only the sand shifting snails :-/ please help I'm losing my mind