magnetic ceramics


Reefing newb
ok i know you can buy magnetic ceramic rock already , but from what i have read it is as expensive here in the UK as it is in America.

I have ceramic rock left over , and i am just wandering how could i make these magnetic and reef safe.

the glass thickness is 8mm so i guess i need fairly strong magnets , the ceramic shelves would not be overly large or long so not to much weight.

i asked on the UK forum for help and i was told "" just buy the mag rock ""

But i feel £75 before delivery is over the top for such small mag shelf.
it is only 7cm long and with delivery it would be £83 which is roughly $130 lol.

surely there is a way to DIY mag rock.
that would just be aquarium silicon then.
as any other 2 part epoxy ive come across / used in the UK is not food safe. as anything classed food safe is deemed safe for use .
2 part epoxy is different from silicone.

i know they are different.
but all of the epoxies i have read available in the UK state they are waterproof but not to be used on water sources for human consumption.
and it was looking like i would have to use silicone for aquariums , or use Milliput.
yeah looks like that is about the only way. as i have been looking for epoxy again and all the ones ive found are not safe.
sent a few emails off to manufactures and 2 replied back so far . and at least they were honest and said we do not know if our products would be safe for aquatic use , how ever they can be used for leaks in pipes but only on out the outside and not in contact / submerged in water.
You can also use reef epoxy. The same stuff you would use to epoxy corals in place in your tank. Any LFS should carry that.
hmmm , i found one of the bits of ceramic rock i was wanting to use .
I supported it in the tank where i was wanting the shelf , stood back and thought na dont like it, went and sat on a chair and looked at the tank for a good while and decided i still did not like it.

So i will either forget about the shelf for now , or maybe i will have to look at buying one pre made.