Looking for a good LFS in LA area

I've noticed several people on the boards that live in the CoCal area and was wondering if anyone can point me to a couple of good LFS.

Thanks much!
I know there are a couple in Lakewood. One on Del Amo just west of Bellflower. I think the name is Atlantis Tropical Fish. There is also one on Carson at the corner of Studebaker, kinda caddy corner from Hartwell golg course.
The one on the corner of Carson and Studebaker is Strictly Fish, I've been there and they seem pretty good. The other one I've been going to is Age of Aquariums on Cherry and Willow and so far those guys have been great. As a beginner though I was just curious of anyone knew any must see fish stores...or any that I should stay away from for that matter...
Sorry, wish I could help more, but moved away from the area 16 years ago. Parents still live there so that's how I know about those 2 stores in particular.