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Ok guys weve tried this before and it didnt work real well, So lets test the waters and see what we can do.
If there is something you are needing or wanting from live aquaria post it here or PM me what you want. once ive gotten a idea what size order we will have I will contact live aquaria about discounts. If we plan it well maybe we can have it ready to go for the febuary meeting.
Please keep this thread on topic as it will be hard enough to keep track of things. I know it sounds funny coming from me doesnt it!

So if you want snails, crabs post what kind and how many, if you want live rock or sand be specific. there are alot of choices of fish and corals to. Keep in mind that these corals and fish come with a 2 week waranty. and they do honor it. So it may seem like the same prices or alittle less than local stores but the corals and fish are guaranteed. thats worth something. also you can order dry goods from there catalog.
At a minimum if several people order the shipping will be paid for so it would just be a matter of paying for the item.
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There is a lot I want to get Bryan. Who can pass up free shipping!! Let me get a list together and find out when you want to place the order. about the 2 or 3 week of feb would work out good for me.

Maybe we could get the shipment to arrive the sat of the next meeting. That would make it easy for everyone to pick up. :bounce:
Doesn't cost more if you pick it up at the fedex building...

I'm in for a couple hundred dollars worth.

saturday shipping isnt a whole lot more, and like brandon said if we have to we can pick it up at the terminal. if youd like to PM me what you want ill keep a list so we can keep track of where we are at. the prices get cheaper on snails and crabs and other clean up crew items if multiples are ordered so give me your lists or wants.
Is this a dry goods or live goods order? I see some people wanting snails and such. Others, well really just Brandon, wanting dry goods. Just a question.
It is my understanding that it will be both.

I'll be in for $40 or so live and dry goods. maybe more depends on when we order. I'll get my list together.
brandon told me that we could combine orders from Dr foster and Live aquaria. So we are ordering from both. either way we will make it work. you wont have to worry about shipping, and will probly even get an additional 10% off.
(2) x's CN-78505 SW - Peppermint Shrimp $ 8.99

ALSO I am looking for about 10 cerith snails locally if anybody has any for sale. I'd hat to pay $1.99 per snail. Dang! :)
I have several hundred dollars worth of stuff I would like to order if a certain VP will send me a bill so I can pay my membership fee and if I have my taxes back before the order is placed.
we need to plan the febuary meeting to be at the end of febuary. then we will order and have it delivered on the day of the meeting. if yall can go ahead and post or pm part numbers with your requests, just So I can make sure we are looking at the same stuff. make me a list of everything you want, then if your money gets tight we can verify right before we order and alter whatever you dont want. Im keeping a list here at home, once everyone pms me what they want ill post it and you can double check it.
Dang. Cancel my order bro. I need it by next week. I am getting overrun by aptasia!!

Its ok though sealife has the shrimp for $4.50 anyway.
Depending on what Yote has to say I may have a rather significant order somewhere around 1600 mark can you handle that tin-man?
As of now this is what I need:

QTY 2 #YL-261332 = 29.98 BULBS
QTY 2 #CD-19363 = 79.98 SALT
QTY 1 #YL-21468 = 12.99 SPONGES
QTY 1 #YL-790117 =129.99 OVERFLOW
QTY 1 #YL-16904 = 10.99 LIFTER PUMP
QTY 1 #YL-22942 =169.99 SKIMMER
QTY 1 #YL-960247 = 5.99 FILTER
QTY 6 #YL-960910 =16.14 SPONGES
QTY 1 #YL-18773 = 6.99 THERMOMETER
QTY 3 #YL-410903 =5.97 THERMOMETER
QTY 1 #YL-19001 =8.99 BALL VALVE
QTY 1 #YL-525156 =10.99 OSMO PREP
QTY 1 #YL-920482 =7.99 PHOSPHATE TEST
QTY 1 #YL-920508 =7.99 CALCIUM TEST
QTY 1 #YL-27330 =31.19 MASTER REEF LAB
QTY 1 #YL-26007 =89.99 MIX KIT
QTY 1 #YL-16354 =24.99 POWER STRIP
QTY 1 #AAE-14147 =87.99 PUMP
QTY 3 #YL-517540 =55.17 POWER HEAD
QTY 1 #CD-24651 =74.99 BULB
QTY 2#YL-81793 =239.98 LR
QTY 6 #YL-12986 =161.94 SAND

TOTAl 1271.21
-10% 1144.10

When will we know a certainity on the 10%?
hey jerm, we are still working on the 10%. the lady at dr. foster was giving me a hard time so I had to fill her in on her place in this world. then she proceeded to hang up on me so Im still working on the discount! :mrgreen: