Lighting for a 150gal tall


Reefing newb
I just got a tank and for now I'm only going to be doing a fish only tank BUT I'm sure it won't be long till I wanna do reef. and all that other stuff. What lighting set-up would be good for a 150 tall 48x24x30 I'm affraid because it's so deep. What do you suggest.

Thanks in advance.


Go to the helpful articles and there you will find several articles on lighting, also read the articles on new setups. all your questions will be answered there for depth, spectrum, intensity, and fish vs coral. I have a 150 and am running; 2 ea hamilton double compact 96 watt atinic o3, 2 ea single hamilton compact 55 watt 6500k, two 250 watt and one 175 watt mh 11000k +. although I will be adding hard corals and clams. (total wattage in lighting will be apprx. 1150 watts not including moon lights.
For a fish only and live rock you only need compacts for visibility around 6500 kelvin, and maybe a couple atinics for dusk and dawn. my recommendation is to set up for the system you will eventually want and only run the ligthts you need. or design system so you have room to add later. hope this helps.

Also check out my gallery you will see some pictures of the system and the inside of the hood. good luck.