Light for a 27gallon cube?


Nano Reefer
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I'll be getting a 27 gallon cube for our new place next month and I'm having some trouble deciding on a light. The dimensions are 20"x18"x20". Basically I need light with 20" of penetration with only 20" length. I like the radion fixtures but don't want to spend $600 and I like the aquatic life t5 fixtures; however they only make the 4 lamp model in 20". Would 4x18watt T5 even be enough light for this tank? I do plan on keeping a few sps corals and metal halides are not an option. I'm either going t5 or led.

Aquatic Life T5 This is my first choice if it were enough light.

Kessel 150w Pendant I like these as well but don't want to be limited to 1 color on/off

Nova T5 6 lamp This has more power just doesn't look as clean as Aquatic Life and no timer

Marine Land Reef Capable LED I assume these are only mediocre and probably aren't that good?

RapidLED Onyx Looks great but non-dimmable any objections here?

PAR38 Bulbs? I assume one would not be enought and I think two over a cube would like tacky.

What do you guys think? Leg mounts or hanging but I do not want to have a canopy.

Thanks for the advice!