Kid's pico contest

So I'm a freshman in high school, and I had to give up my paper route, so I'm not gonna have much time or cash, but I'll give it a shot anyways :^: Hopefully ordering the tank soon :mrgreen:
You guys need to pick up the pace :mrgreen:

ah shit i have to unbox mine now????? this forces me to have to clear off my computer desk now! thanks a lot Mr. Excited
Hey Kid, how do I know you didn't just change the date on your computer before you printed that out?? :lol:

Where are the updated pics??
Well, I sort of completely forgot about this, but the tank is now full and has some rock. I'm not going to add anything until I get my ATO set up, but I have some plans...
yeah, so that little heater you have sucks. A lot. Mine died within a few days, and barely kept he water at 68.

otherwise... good work :)